Update log(Chrome browser) Version: Date Updated: 22-10-2013

October 22
  • 1. History and favorites can be a key to the dial pad
  • 2. Weather Module urban search and optimization
  • 2. Optimization of Russia, Vietnam and India data Version: Date Updated: 14-10-2013

October 14
  • 1. You can delete local upload wallpapers now
  • 2. Several bug fixes Version: Date Updated: 11-10-2013

October 11
  • 1. Right-editing features to increase
  • 2. Increase Useful Websites logo
  • 3. Focus Mode popup search optimization Version: Date Updated: 24-09-2013

September 24
  • 1. Optimized functionalities of weather, time, data storage, etc.
  • 2. Optimized and removed plugin positioning
  • 3. Added the function of “Add to Lightning Newtab by Right Click”, added a thumbnail system Version: Date Updated: 07-08-2013

August 07
  • 1. Fixed the bug of when using search bar both mouse buttons not functioning
  • 2. Added the functionality of uploading customized logo when adding customized URL(Upload image to local, no server support needed)
  • 3. Added the functionality of either choosing a solid color background wallpaper or uploading a customized local background image (which can be switched in order) Version: Date Updated: 01-08-2013

August 01
  • 1. Fixed several bugs
  • 2. Simplified tips of quick search bar, optimized style, avoiding incomplete display jof certain countries' languages
  • 3. Added desktop notification functionality to remind the launch of new features
  • 4. Press the Ctrl key while clicking on URL to open the webpage in a new window
  • 5. Added a Polish language pack Version: Date Updated: 30-07-2013

July 30
  • 1. Fixed the bug of image classification for customized website (Disunity in country classification used to cause image error)
  • 2. Added the choice of adding remote image(imgUrl)while adding customized URL
  • 3. Changed the size of the first image of New User's Guide, from 107k to 31k, speeding up image's loading
  • 4. Fixed several statistic bugs Version: Date Updated: 23-07-2013

July 23
  • 1. Adjusted the Default layout: 12 will be displayed when user's screen width is over1600, otherwise 9 will be displayed
  • 2. Added lazyload to wallpaper category, fixed the problem of download button not showing up
  • 3. Added New Users' Guide Version: Date Updated: 22-07-2013

July 22
  • 1. Added Quick search app and Cloud URL app to speed dialbar
  • 2. Lowered Transparency of URL content while windows popped up. Transparency will recover once windows are shut
  • 3. Nation identifying request will be sent to server instead of client hereafter Version: Date Updated: 22-07-2013

July 22
  • 1. Added the functionality of one-click to download wallpaper
  • 2. Improved wallpaper loading speed by preloading the next two wallpapers while switching wallpapers
  • 3. Changed some buttons from background images to CSS3 buttons, avoiding text hidden problem when the text of a different language is overlong
  • 4. Hided lightning Newtab plugin while managing plugins
  • 5. Changed several URL icons, added version number V=1 while loading corresponding image, reserving icon change interface Version: Date Updated: 17-07-2013

July 17
  • 1. Added the functionality of One click to share on Facebook at bottom right corner
  • 2. Removed Statistics from the icon entrance page at top right corner of the browser (to speed up launching), added it to the page instead
  • 3. Subdivided statistics of added URL (Customize, select add plugin)
  • 4. Can distinguish Different resolutions and load corresponding default layout
  • 5. fixed some BUGS Version: Date Updated: 16-07-2013

July 16
  • 1. Classified Wallpaper, optimized wallpaper collection
  • 2. Reserved wallpaper adding and modifying interface