Use Help

1.0 Dialbar dragging

  • Click on the Dialbar to drag it anywhere; Scroll mouse wheel to turn pages.
  • Tips:

    1. Hold down the mouse to drag the dial outside the box, you can drag back and forth on different pages

2.0 Dialbar editing

  • Right click anywhere to enter the editing mode, in which dialbar can be removed.
  • Tips:

    1. Edit mode is coming soon

3.0 Cloud wallpaper

  • you can quickly set various styles of background image, color, etc.
  • Tips:

    1. You can choose a BG Color background

    2. You can select a local picture as the background

    3. You can mark a picture as favorite and then add to the wallpaper

4.0 Bookmark

  • you can quickly browse and manage your bookmarks

5.0 Settings

  • you can change various parameters of the Dialbox

6.0 Weather

  • Provides recent days' weather info and today's weather index, time and other local info
  • Tips:

    1. Click on the red box , Can switch between the temperature and the Fahrenheit

7.0 Quick search

  • Provides quick search in dialbar
  • Tips:

    1. Click on the first shortcut button, you can switch search type

8.0 History

  • Provides fast access to the history

9.0 Cloud website

  • Can add any URL and chrome App to the Dialbox
  • Tips:

    1. Can manually add Cloud URL to Dialbox

    2. Can manage my plugins

10.0 Shortcut operation

  • Can carry out easy and quick operations, like giving praise, adding to favorites and switching wallpapers
  • Tips:

    1. Click Praise icon at bottom right corner to give a praise

    2. Click Add to favorite icon at bottom right corner to add to collection

    3. Click Change Wallpaper icon at bottom right corner to switch wallpapers swiftly